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Alli Marshall - Day Six

colby caldwellHOLLER
Photo by Coco Aramaki, courtesy of Shore Fire Media.

Photo by Coco Aramaki, courtesy of Shore Fire Media.

I’m watching a ton of Andrea Gibson’s performance videos today because I have an interview with them this afternoon. I didn’t schedule the interview right away. I thought about it—is this the story I should bring to the paper when there is so little space and so many things to cover? But Andrea is feminism and social justice and poetry and the musicality of not just words
but being. Being human in an unapologetic, authentic way.

They are the resonant YES!

I am sometimes intimidated by people like that, people who aren’t bullshitting and can maybe see through me. But also it’s thrilling to sit so close to the fire.

I’m scared of this interview because it won’t be enough. Because there are only 20 minutes and I have to ask the things you ask to write a good story and not what I want to ask, which is:

How did you come to hear poetry as not just a talent but a calling? How do you pull it out of yourself, when everyone is watching? How do you take it off the page? How do you feel
about the way it morphs from written to spoken? And why do we call it spoken word, like it’s just talking, when what happens is like a plug into an outlet or a faucet turned on, on, on, all the way on.

And: Why do you believe in love poems?
And: Can we just hang out, drink tea or wine or whatever, trade journals like I did with my friends when we were 16? Because I’m pretty sure we should be friends like that.

You can’t say that in interviews.


Spoken-word artist Andrea Gibson signs their new book, Take Me With You, at Malaprop’s on Thursday, Feb. 22, at 2:30 p.m. and performs at The Grey Eagle that night, at 8 p.m. Their recently released album is Hey Galaxy.