colby caldwellHOLLER

Alli Marshall - Day Seven

colby caldwellHOLLER
photo by Alli Marshall

photo by Alli Marshall

Women’s March/Birdsong


What I came to tell you is
there are birds who sing even
in the deep of winter, even

in the chill pale dawn. And they will
go on singing, whether you listen
to them or not. But if you do,

they will break you open. Maybe just
for a moment, and you’ll awaken
to the why of their song. And you’ll say

“How the fuck did I get here, in this
place so full of grieving and cages? I am
a bright and blessed being meant

for a gentler kind of living.”
But then the wings of knowing
will fold again and you’ll slip back

into the ordinariness
of your day. And still the birds
will sing because

what else is there to do
in a world grown weary
of its weeping?