Bernard Welt - Day Two

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For anthropologist Alexander Langlands, craft—or craeft—is more than skill applied to material, more than technique, even more than knowledge. It is a way of life that integrates humans into the natural landscape in the manner of traditional, pre-industrial cultures, and like a lot of artists and artisans, he feels it sums up what is missing in modern people’s experience of the world.

After several years of sharing his own adventures and perspectives, Langlands has produced a study of folkways in his native Britain that is also a manifesto, proclaiming the virtues of a slower, more contemplative life—a life that notices more and exploresmore. He’s earned his position as an authority with his hands as well as mind, herding sheep, tanning hides, scything grain, and reconstructing in his own person the means of
subsistence he’s studied on archeological digs up and down Western Europe. Craeft promises to be a key text in any future discussions of the cultural position of craft. You can find it on Amazon and follow him on Twitter and find a helpful video introduction to Craeft HERE.