Daniele Martin - Day One



This picture moved from one wall in the kitchen to another wall in the kitchen. The picture belongs to my roommate and she moved it during her massive mopping of the house yesterday. The mopping she was in the middle of when I came home and was really in the mood to make soup and read.

I think there is something about this picture that haunts my roommate, let’s call her Jenny. When I first moved in with Jenny, she asked me if I liked the picture. Out of all the pictures in the house she asked me about this one in particular. I really had no opinion about it because it’s not offensive in any way nor does it scream anything to me in particular. She told me a story about the painting. I think it’s somehow tied to her ex girlfriend.  She doesn’t mention her ex often, but when she does the  vibrations coming off of her aren’t necessarily harmonious, scattered at best. I thought she was getting rid of the painting actually. I don’t know if I understand how the gesture of moving it  to a different wall,can be the alternative to getting rid of it. I think it might be because she is attached to having paid a certain amount for it to be framed. There certainly has to be more to it than that I know when I am done with something because of its energy, an association that I make when I look at it or because the person who is connected to it, is no longer in my life I drop that thing off goes at the Salvation Army. I free myself. Maybe she’s not ready to be free.