Daniele Martin - Day Two

OIR DMartin Day2.jpg


Worship. Devotion. Oneness. Integrity.

Some may read these words and think religion. To others that read these words, spirituality may come to mind.

What I know about these words is that as I get older they mean more to me now than ever before. These are words we don’t hear very often, but when they are embraced and explored can bring so much to one’s life. I wish I could tell everyone to find something that is important to them and only them  to devote their highest and most positive thoughts, love and energy. It will change your life, I promise. Devotion is for those no longer walking the Earth. Devoting to a being no longer connected to this plane means it, they, she or he will not disappoint. It is an amazing practice for unconditional love. Once you experience THIS kind of joy, it is easier to apply it to beings on this plane. Find it. Find something. Find, free and love yourself.