Daniele Martin -Day Six

photo by Daniele Martin

photo by Daniele Martin



The alchemy of magic has taken over or is it the magic of alchemy?

Its Asheville’s fault. All the damn “air”, “water”, “woods” and yeah the vortices too.

The gemstone stores, the “women’s circles”, the healing, the yoga, the activism, the non-profits, the “keep ASHEVILLE weird” t-shirts and stickers all have ways of catching up with you and seeping into your soul. This place certainly has a way of revealing one’s truth. The process and journey of revelation is different for everyone because of our own “stuff” and the layers of depth that exist here. You either give in or go away or leave and come back again.The animals probably have something to do with what happens here. I am positive, the cats, goats and dogs play a big role in the mysticism that exists in this blossoming city. The foliage attracts and draws in the tourist, but only the ones tinkering on the precipice of a profound shift or change come back for more. Some find this place by accident and never leave. Asheville is a lot of things, some of them good or very good and some of them bad, very bad, but it's always some kind of magick. I am grateful for the experience.