Interview with Meta Commerse

by Anna Helgeson

The magic is in the way the majority of people here are searching for themselves and they are searching in a way that is honest. They will tell you that they came here to heal or to start over or to do things differently. They came in response to the magnet just like I did. Wanting a community of like-minded souls, I have never lived anywhere with the sense of community that I find here, people sincerely wanting to do their work and to be transformed.

Different Strokes!

by Anna Helgeson

There is a legacy of pain in Asheville that has to do with gentrification. It has been passed down from generation to generation. I think the people who move away are generally young and want to get a different perspective, and start a life they design for themselves. 

— Stephanie Hickling Beckman Co-founder and Managing Artistic Director of Different Strokes!

Healing Arts: Hood Huggers

by Ali McGhee

“We’ve got to work to heal our communities and our environment.  We are thinking about this as a whole reconstruction.  We all have to redo and rethink how we treat and act within the environment.  Social enterprise to me is about staying environmentally and socially conscious in an inclusive and just way.”

— DeWayne Barton