colby caldwell

Priya Ray - Day Three

colby caldwell
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Today was primary election day in Asheville. On the Democratic ballot, we had the chance to voice our opinion on who we want to be our District Attorney and Sheriff. We got to choose who we want to represent us, and by doing so identified what, exactly, we stand for. Voting for the people who will fill these roles is significant – it means that they represent what we want and will help us create a better community.

Imagine a city where people of color do not have live in fear because of the color of their skin, where immigrants are welcomed and treated as assets to our community, and where a person living with a disability can access sidewalks and public transportation easily. All of these thing are possible – with the right people fighting for us.

As Americans, we have become too comfortable with what we think we have. And that has made us apathetic. Talking about what we want on social media is great, but at some point we all need to get up and take action. And that’s hard, because we all have things that take up our time. We all need to make money to pay our rent, bills, buy food, and take care of our families. But voting is one of the easiest, and quickest, ways to make our voices heard.