Convening the Curious

Alice Vogler

Alice Vogler (b. 1975) is an educator, timed-based artist and curator. She has lived and traveled all over the place gathering ideas and inspiration. She loves to invent new ways for children, young and old, to create and explore. Her passion is out-of-school-time education and she has worked in community art centers, after-school programs, art museums, and children’s museums for two decades.

She has shown her work in many performance festivals and galleries in Italy, Japan, Columbia, China, Canada, Mexico, New York City, Brooklyn, Chicago, Miami, and Boston. Some ongoing themes in her work include: choice, control, interaction, anticipation, healing, offerings, private, public, remembrance, and preservation. The audience is always an essential element in her work.


She has curated time-based work (experimental performance, sound, and video) in galleries, site-specific locations, and performance festivals, as well as interactive, installation-based work for family audiences.

Alice received her Bachelors of Fine Arts (’98) from Pacific Northwest College of Art in Portland Oregon, and her Masters of Fine Arts (’01) from the School of the Museum of Fine Arts and Tufts University in Boston Massachusetts.