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Stu Helm - Day Four

colby caldwell
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Wagyu Me!

Recent Conversations via Facebook Message

Scott Fowler, May 10th, 3:00pm:
“Hey stu, I have a question that I think you can answer. Who do you think are the top 5 ground beef users in the area?”

“Hmmm... just guessing here: Farm Burger, Burgerworx... Tasty Diner? U Joint? I mean, McDonald's and Wendy's probably outdo them all, but I'm assuming you mean indy restaurants. I'm not sure who else... Juicy Lucy? Why do you ask?”

“Working with a cattle farmer looking to move some ground on a regular basis. Is Juicy Lucy doing ok? Thanks for the ideas. I also thought about neo burrito.”

“Yes, Neo, and maybe all of the taco joints on patton in WAVL. The WALK does ground beef tacos and burgers all week. I think Juicy Lucy is doing good. I wasn't impressed with their burger myself, but other people seem to love it. Chris Cox from Montford Pull-up is doing the Asheville Cheeseburger Club at Broadway’s every Sunday and looking to expand it to Fridays as well.”

“Thanks, Stu!”

Scott Fowler, June 6th, 10:58pm:

“Hey man, you interested in a sample of some killer wagyu angus cross ground beef?”

“Hell YES!!! Where when how?”
“I have to run an errand just before noon, I could drop it by…”

“Okay, wow! Thanks, Scott! Very nice of you!!!  My address is…”

“See you soon.”

About an hour later I was standing in my front yard with a package of frozen 30-day, dry-aged Wagyu / Angus cross ground beef from Teague Natural Farms in my hand.

When I used to write music reviews, bands would hand me CDs constantly. Writing food reviews is way better. I’ll post a picture on my Facebook page of the burger I make when this package thaws out, and possibly write a review for my website.

BTW: According to the information that Scott was able to find out, Sierra Nevada is the #1 user of ground beef in this area! DUH! Of course it’s a brewery. I shoulda thought of that!