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Stu Helm - Day One

colby caldwell

Two Feet and a Philly

Today I walked all day. First I walked downtown, then I walked all around downtown, leading a walking food tour, and then after the tour, I walked back home. The feet in this picture need fuel, so on my walk home I stopped at the Food Stop, which is a very unassuming, little, green food truck that is usually parked next to Catawba Brewing on the South Slope every Sunday evening. Food Stop might be one of the more janky-looking food trucks in Asheville, but oh my gosh, their Philly.

The Philly from the Food Stop truck is one of the best things in the world ever, and is an early contender for a 2018 Sandwich of the Year Stoobie award. Chopped beef, onions, peppers, American cheese, a li’l bit o’ jus, all served on a lightly grilled, soft, white hoagie roll. To me, that’s a Philly. Some say the peppers shouldn’t be automatic. Some say Whiz is the only cheese for a Philly. People say a lot of stuff. They're hilarious that way.

My feet and I both recommend this Philly very much.

PS - You can call it a “Philly cheesesteak…” if you want to be redundant, and sound ignorant. Ain’t no other kind of Philly, Yo. They’s alllll cheesesteaks. That's what a Philly is. It's a cheesesteak.

PPS - That’s a 100% biodegradable paper box. Looks like styrofoam, I know. It’s not. Put your torches and pitchforks away.