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Stu Helm - Day Seven

colby caldwell
Stu Helm - Day Seven
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Back Home…On The Internet  

After a long weekend of leading food tours and walking all over downtown Asheville, I’m glad to get off my feet for a few days and sit on my ass doing the other thing that I do: Internet. 

Internetting is something that I enjoy so much that, at one time in my life, it was interfering with my work. So I turned it INTO my work! I more or less used Facebook to launch my career as a food writer, and I still use it all day every day for work and fun.

I know that Facebook might have messed up a little bit recently…by kinda sorta accidentally maybe pretty much helping a foreign despot destroy democracy and place a horrendous, lying, corrupt, mean-spirited, pandering, feeble-minded turd into the White House...and stuff...but I still love it–Facebook that is–partly because today I came home from Vegan Fest to find that my buddy Stephan tagged me in a picture of us posing with meat. Captioned “eating all the meats.” 

That made me laugh.

We need all the laughs we can get these days, and some days more than others. One of my tour-takers asked me this heartbreaking question as we were leaving Capella on 9 last Friday: “Does Anthony Bourdain live in Asheville?” 

It was obvious she hadn’t heard the news of his death, so I carefully replied, “No. He’s been here, but never lived here, why?” 

She got excited and said, “Oh, maybe he’s here! There was a table set for one person, with a sign that said, ‘Reserved for Anthony Bourdain.’” 

Whoa. That was tough. 

Openly weeping is discouraged on a Food Tour, so I managed to hold it together, while I broke the news to this poor lady, but yeah, we need some laughs in this life.

So, while I know that my week as Observer in Residence has not been the most poignant or thought-provoking contribution to Holler, I hope that it was entertaining at least, and funny at times. Please continue to follow me on Facebook and the rest of the Internets, where I live 60 percent of my life! Thanks, Holler, bye!