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Stu Helm - Day Two

colby caldwell

Still Number One

Today, I attended a work lunch… for Asheville Food Tours... sooo... it was more about lunch than work! Dave suggested either Storm or Bhramari Brewhouse. I made the final call: Bhramari! I specifically wanted to have another go at their 2017 Stoobie Award-winning burger, because, since giving it that accolade, and placing it at the top of my 2018 Asheville Burger Survey, I had received two negative comments from two different readers.

One described an all-around experience that just sounded like an “off night” to me. Spotty service, long waits, tepid food… whatever. Could have been all true, could have been all perception. Either way, I put it directly in the OPP file: Other People’s Problems.

The next comment was a mild indictment of my assessment that the Bhramari burger is the “best” in Asheville. I think the author even used the word “meh.” When I read that, I had two thoughts: A) Naw! You’re crazy. Best burger in town.  And B) Bhramari better not have changed that dang burger on me!

In 2016, Buxton Hall won Best Burger... and immediately changed it! :/ It’s still great, but the changes cost them the title in 2017.

I’m happy to report that Bhramari has not changed a thing. It’s the same amazing burger, with the same house made American cheese, oaked mayo, spent-grain fed beef, candied bacon, crispy fried onion strips, and house pickles, all on a soft white Geraldine’s Bakery bun. Number one with a bullet, Yo. I will hear no “mehing” about this burger! My fellow food tour guides, Dave and Paddy, also ordered it, and agreed that it is worthy of my praise.

PS - Ask for “no straw, please” when you order your drinks, or they will automatically pop one in your glass.